Welcome, teachers, parents, and students!

You're invited to join Discovery Institute's first-ever virtual ID Education Day. Initially hosted by Great Northern University in Spokane, WA, the 2023-24 program is now available as an on-demand virtual event ideal for families, home school groups, and private school classrooms. Choose between a full-day, half-day, or 40-minute modular approach to fit your schedule.

In addition to 5 video lectures by our engaging presenters, we've also included classroom activities, discussion questions, and more resources for continued learning. See full event agenda below.

Join us to learn about the intelligent design of life's nanotechnology — from protein pumps and molecular machines to viruses and earthworm skin!

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    1. Welcome, students!

    2. Welcome, parents and educators!

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    1. Summary

    2. Lecture: "What's the Best Explanation for Tiny Tech in Nature?" by Daniel Reeves (38:35)

    3. Classroom Activity: Bacterial Nanotechnologies

    4. Video: "Bacteria: Superheroes of the Microbial World" with Biochemist Michael Behe (17:57)

    5. Discussion Questions

    1. Summary

    2. Lecture: "Meet Complex I, nature's very own Newton's Cradle" by Biochemist Emily Reeves (23:08)

    3. Discussion Questions

    1. Summary

    2. Lecture: "The Molecular Machine Mystery" by Biologist Pedro Moura (21:58)

    3. Discussion Questions

    1. Summary

    2. Lecture: "How can human nanotechnology be inspired by nature?" by Daniel Reeves (and) "How to create a virus' worst nightmare" by Biologist Marisa Arthur (31:43)

    3. Discussion Questions

    1. Summary

    2. "Squirmy, Wormy Micro-Robots" by Megadrilologist George Damoff (36:24)

    3. Classroom Activity: Wormy Technologies

    4. Discussion Questions

About this virtual event

  • 3+ hours of video presentation
  • Classroom activities
  • Discussion questions